DecoPassion, the new décor, art and vintage fair.

The Invented Body exhibition
16 September, 2019
October and november activities in Moda Shopping Kids
26 September, 2019

From 16 to 20 October, Modashopping holds DecoPassion, the new décor, art and vintage items fair in Madrid.

Smokit, Atelier de Argensola, Dámaso Peinado or Casa Febrero are just some of the thirty or more exhibitors that will meet at DecoPassion, the fair that arrives for the first time to Madrid. Modashopping has been the chosen site to host this new décor rendezvous in the capital.

Modernity, originality and exclusivity are the values you will find in all and every piece displayed at the fair. DecoPassion is a project whose aim is to propose a new way to choose every object and piece of furniture we have at home. This fair wants to promote the idea of fleeing from the mass décor, from one house equal to the next, and pieces produced large- scale, and opt for a furniture-jewel with history, that lasts much longer.

Responsible consumption, restoration and recycling; modernity and style are the key points proposed by DecoPassion when decorating the space we inhabit.

* Assigned images of Smokit